Michael Barbick, DMD, MD

Being an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon originally from Florida and completing all my educational training in the state of Florida including residency has allowed me to learn every aspect of this wonderful state and what it has to offer for an oral surgeon. As a oral surgeon, the ability to be active in the Florida Oral Surgery Society and hold an academic position at the University of Florida Department of Oral Surgery has afforded me the ability to make contacts with residents and surgeons in Florida through years of friendships and business relationships. This sets my company apart from any other recruiting company as they are not focused solely on the state of Florida and do not have the connections I currently have from my many years of working and living in Florida.  I also have experience using each recruiting firm that you currently are using, are thinking of using and or have used in the past.   

I have experience working in a single one doctor oral surgery practice, a busy hospital based practice associated with a fellowship and now a large group practice. I have experience with the good and bad associated with interviewing for an associate position, navigating through complex contracts with oral surgeons, placing oral surgeons around the state of Florida as an associate, purchasing oral surgery practices and expanding a single doctor practice to multiple offices and multiple doctors. 

Being a oral surgeon I understand what a resident is looking for and what is most important while looking for an associate opportunity. I have a team of specialized business partners, attorneys and accountants that have assisted me over the years that understand the legal aspects of oral surgery from associateship to partnership. Due to my experience and contacts, I was chosen by OMS consulting firm (a national company which specializes in a concierge type of business for an oral surgeon as it pertains to managing, selling or purchasing a practice) to sit on their board and advise on multiple sales transactions of oral surgery practices around the country.   

So when its time to make that important decision in life to look for an associate opportunity trust a oral surgeon from this great state, with resources unlike any other firm that focuses their sole attention to the state of Florida.  Please be assure that everyone that contacts my company will be kept 100% confidential, guaranteed unless they want the information about themselves and or thier practice to be disclosed. This I promise you.